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[1] Webhosting
[2] Domain
[3] Autoresponder
[4] Payment Processor
[5] Lead Gen Funnel
[6] Product
[7] Traffic.

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Together we'll walk through each step, break that step into micro-steps, and provide an easy solution for each.

Domain & Web Hosting
Where you host your website is a major decision. After all, your web host reliability often means the difference between success and failure.

For example, have you ever clicked on a link in google only to be met with a page that says something along the way of... "This website has exceeded its bandwidth limit. Please contact the website owner and let him know!"

Well, that is a classic example of someone hosting with Hostgator. Hostgator, in general, is really for personal or family pages that aren't going to be getting much traffic.

People gravitate to that host because they charge so little, but cheap does not equal good.
Imagine if that was your site, your business, and you are wondering why you never get any sales... Now you know.

You don't select a web host based on the cheapest price you can get if you are serious about creating an actual online business that you hope will ultimately support your family and income needs.

With all of that said, you also do not need to go out and find the most expensive web hosting solution either. Most expensive does not equal the best hosting solution.

In reality, do a simple search for web hosting and you'll be presented with a large number of web hosting companies that offer great service for a very reasonable price.

In terms of simplicity, you really can't go wrong getting your domain name at the same place you are getting your web hosting.

In general, because you purchased your domain and hosting from them, they tend to be very quick and helpful on any points you need help with to get up and running quickly.

My favorite host for this setup is Blue Host. You are in no way obligated to use the same company, I just felt it would be beneficial in case you want to move quickly and not have to make any guesses about whether or not your desired web host is safe to run a business on.
Side note on domain names: Get a .com if you can, Don't shy away from something like "". When a visitor sees a real persons name as a domain name it is proven to provide additional credibility to the offer.
If you do not know how to build a web page, don't worry about it. As you go through this training material I will be providing you with a few complete funnels that you'll basically just need to put your name in and your PayPal email address in and then upload... I'll walk you through all of that as we go.>
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