Simple Traffic Generation
Every Single Successful Full-Time Internet Marketer Uses This Exact Process Without Exception

Only 7 5 3 1 More Steps To Success

[1] Webhosting
[2] Domain
[3] Autoresponder
[4] Payment Processor
[5] Lead Gen Funnel
[6] Product
[7] Traffic.

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Together we'll walk through each step, break that step into micro-steps, and provide an easy solution for each.

Simple Traffic Generation
Before you continue... There are all sorts of traffic generation methods. Many claim to be free, but most are not.

What you have to decide at this point is if you want a real business that pulls in income, or do you want a hobby? (if this is just a hobby for you - It's ok to leave now. You have all of the information you need to get your core business set up and you can do things like blog and or forum comments to try and drum up free traffic to your offer).

Businesses spend money to get customers - That is just a simple fact of life.

I use two specific traffic sources exclusively - Because they work exceedingly well, and both have their own strong and weak points.
One provides unlimited traffic directly from search engines like google.
It is called OTP (Organic Traffic Platform) and is part of a monthly software membership.

It is targeted traffic direct from search engines like google.
It can provide utterly massive volumes of targeted traffic to your offer.
Although it has a bit of a learning curve, there is a private group that goes along with it where you can get unlimited help fast.

It has a monthly fee.
You have to have or buy domains/hosting to drive your traffic volume up to insane volumes.
The traffic is targeted, but it is cold, meaning the visitors have no social proof that your offer is legitimate because they don't know you.

Overview: Well worth the money.
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The other one is a traffic seller that provides instant targeted and pre-warmed traffic. This is where the guru's get their massive volumes of traffic for their own launches and list building.

Ultra high quality targeted traffic on demand.


Budget as much as you can for weekly or monthly traffic buys. There is no better traffic than this.

When you buy this traffic, you simply select your niche and give them the URL you are promoting.

They, in turn, look at your offer and write a compelling email and send it to their list.

This gives you instant credibility because that traffic seller knows his list, he knows what makes people take action, his subscribers know and respect him, and you are getting a direct endorsement from him.

Again, there is no higher quality of traffic anywhere on the web.
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BAM! There You Have It!
7 Simple Steps Is All That Ever Separated You From An Online Income!:

As long as you went through each part of the process described over the course of this tutorial, then you are all set to start earning an income online.

As for the few things that I didn't give a lot of details on, that is because the vendor you get that "thing" from (web hosting, autoresponder, etc,.) all have intensive tutorials very specific to their product and you should follow those.

Keep in mind - You aren't in a race here. You are setting up an online business with hopes and expectations that you will ultimately generate a full-time income.

Don't drag your feet or you'll never get it done, on the other hand, don't try to go so fast that you get completely lost and end up causing yourself to go much slower than you should have.

I provided you with only the resources you need to run and operate an online business effectively, and I even provided you with ready-made complete funnels for you to get started with. Lead gen funnel, sales funnel, and even a more advanced pre-sell funnel. So you really have all that you need now. Those funnels represent "YOUR" product. It is included!
Final Important Information
 I do want to take a moment to address your autoresponder a little more deeply.

The purpose of your autoresponder is so that you have a place to collect 'leads', and a place to communicate with those leads.

Now, if you are asking yourself what you are supposed to be saying to these people (the leads), that is not only the simplest part of your online business, it is also by far (as your list grows) the most profitable part of your entire business!

Think about it - You receive offers in your own email inbox every single day of the week. - What does that mean? It means you are a lead. You are on someones list and they are sending you email attempting to entice you to click through the link in their email and go on to view the offer they are promoting.

So, as a beginner, just start reading those emails! When you read one that makes you want to go ahead and click the link to find out more about what they are talking about, then save that email! Use it as a swipe file!

So now, click that link... You'll land on the sales page that he was promoting.

Scroll down to look at the "buy" button and it will 99.9% of the time be a warriorplus or a jvzoo button.

So now you know where the product is being sold!

Now go to the appropriate site (jvzoo,warriorplus) and search for that offer as an affiliate.

You will be directed to the affiliate page, you'll request to be an affiliate for that product.

Once they approve you (usually pretty quick) you will now have your own affiliate link to promote!

Go back to that email, copy to a text file, replace his link with your own affiliate link.

Now go back to your autoresponder and send that email out to your own leads! This is where the money really is! Marketing to your list!
Get The Ultimate Shortcut
I know that those steps can be a little intimidating - I get it.

So, if you like, you can just skip most of it! In fact, I can easily show you how you could be set up with about 200 different products to generate leads from, make sales from, and even make affiliate income from... All in about 5 minutes :-) No uploading, no web hosting need, no domains, all of that is provided for you by default!
In roughly 5 minutes 
You could have your entire business already set up for you, and you just enter your PayPal email into a form and it instantly reflects in about 200 product funnels so that all sales go directly to you. 
...Oh, and it also builds your email list along the way!
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