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Do you really use this EXACT system everyday to make money?

Yes I really do!  That's why I created this system.  I know that I make money with my IIM system everyday so common sense tells me if you do exactly as I do you should make money with the same system too.  Obviously I cannot guarantee you'll make any money, but nothing can guarantee this.

Do you provide training on how to set everything up?

Yes there is a complete set of training videos in the members area you can easily follow to setup your account.  I've made the system very easy to setup so you shouldn't have any problem at all.  But if you do have any trouble, you'll have access to our private mastermind group and live support techs/trainers.

Do I need to know how to setup these offers or web pages?

Absolutely NOT!  I've created this as an automatic plug and play system.

Do I have to have my own domain name or web hosting?

Heck No!  I've taken care of everything for you.  All you need is an active PayPal account so you can collect payments direct from your customers, and an autoresponder if possible so that you get the maximum ROI.

Will you teach me how to get traffic to my website offers?

Once again, I believe if you do just as I do you should see the same or similar results.  I use two main sources for traffic daily.  I share both of these resources with you in the members area admin training.  These are high quality targeted leads you can purchase daily.  The same sources I use.  You can also use any traffic sources or methods of your own.  Your opportunities are limitless.

What's required from me?

  • Need a bunch of domains for your funnels? - Nope! You don't need any.
  • Need extreme web hosting for your funnels - Nope! You don't need any.
  • What do I need to learn, is it a lot? - Nope! Not much of anything.
  • Do I need a mailer or autoresponder? - Nope! But you'll likely make a lot more money if you do have one.

What will I need to do?

Really, other than filling some basic information (like your paypal email, affiliate link etc,.) that will be used in your funnels to personalize them to you specifically, all that you will need to do is send traffic to the funnels you want to promote.
  You can use my recommended traffic sources or your own.  You will also need to fill out some basic info to connect your PayPal account so you can receive payments.

Can I make a million dollars like you?

The reality is, I don't know you or your work ethic.  I don't know how serious you are about making a full-time income online.
What I can tell you is my system has the capabilities to provide unlimited income opportunity to anyone who follows my lead and works to achieve their goals.  But even if you don't make a million dollars... would $1000 extra per month change your financial situation?  How about an extra $5,000 per month?  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so give it a shot.  I have done everything I can to provide you with the exact system you need to succeed.  The question is... will you take advantage of it and join me?

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*Disclaimer: I have no crystal ball! I cannot see into the future, and I do not posses any magical powers that I am aware of. For these reasons, I cannot in any way guarantee that you will ever make a single penny on the internet. This is a business productivity tool. No more or less. As with any business of any type, there is always the risk of financial loss. Do not under any circumstances spend any money here if it is not true disposable income.
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